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Hallux Limitus

Hallux Limitus / Rigidus (stiff big toe) relief is now available in Rowlett, TX. With easy access to the new clinic, Casteel Foot and Ankle Center is positioned to serve Rowlett and the surrounding cities. Our podiatrist foot surgeon, Dr. Casteel, and her team will perform a full examination and recommend the best options to address your hallux rigidus (stiff big toe) condition.

Symptoms of Stiff Big Toe

stiff big toe hallux rigidus podiatristThe condition of stiff big toe is actually called Hallux Rigidus. In bone joints, the ends of the bone are covered with a smooth cartilage. When this cartilage breaks down the raw ends of the bone rub together. A bone spur may develop on the top of the joint inhibiting the bending of the toe when walking.

The big toe joint, also known as, metatarsophalangeal, has to bend whenever a step is taken. If it begins to stiffen, walking will become painful every time a step is taken. The stiff big toe condition may also be a result of an injury to the joint or disease such as arthritis. Symptoms of stiff big toe are:

  • Pain in the joint when flexed
  • A bump in the joint
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling

These conditions may cause you to walk on the sides of the foot if the foot pain is too intense. It is important to call our foot surgeon at the first signs of having stiff big toe condition.

Treatment of Hallux Limitus / Rigidus

Treatment of stiff big stiff toe will require an examination by our expert foot surgeon. Dr. Casteel, DPM will examine your condition and recommend the best treatment options. Nonsurgical approaches may include:

  • Pain relievers/anti-inflammatory medication
  • Ice packs
  • Contrast baths
  • Special shoes
  • Exercises

If the nonsurgical approaches are non-responsive, surgery may be recommended. There are different surgery options available for stiff big toe conditions. Joint replacement or arthroplasty, may be an option for older patients. Fusing the bones together or arthrodesis, may be another option for severe cartilage damage is present. Removing bone spurs or cheilectomy is an option for less severe conditions allowing more room for the bone to bend.

Call Now for Relief of Hallux Limitus / Rigidus

If you suffer from stiff big toe conditions, contact us online or call 972-301-7051 or 972-468-0966 to make an appointment with Dr. Casteel, DPM, and find solutions to your condition. Dr. Casteel and her team will ensure you find relief from stiff big toe pain. Our foot surgeon, an expert in stiff big toe treatment, will find the right options for you and ensure you are on the road to recovery from foot pain.