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Foot Surgery Options Available in Rowlett

Foot surgery is available in Rowlett, TX by our foot surgeon, Dr. Casteel, DPM. Casteel Foot & Ankle Center is conveniently located to provide foot surgery options to Rockwall, Garland, Forney, Wylie, Royse City and the surrounding Rowlett area. Our foot surgeon is skilled at treating foot disorders and uses the latest surgical techniques necessary for restoring foot health.

Compassionate Care by our Foot Surgeon

At Casteel Foot and Ankle Center, we take a conservative approach to treating foot disorders, but in some cases the condition may require surgery. Dr. Casteel, our experienced podiatric foot surgeon, will examine the condition of your foot disorder, and recommend the best option for treatment.

When you experience a foot pain, the sooner you see our podiatrist, the better the outcome in potentially avoiding surgery. Delaying attention to the foot disorder will complicate the condition and prolong the pain, which may necessitate the need for surgery. Dr. Casteel is a highly skilled foot surgeon and performs surgeries which include:

Find Out More about Foot Surgery

For more information about foot surgery options available, call 972-301-7051 or 972-468-0966 to schedule an appointment and consultation with our foot surgeon, or contact us online. Our office is located in Rowlett, TX, centrally located and staffed with accommodating podiatry professionals to make your visit pleasant and comfortable.