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Corns and Calluses Treatment

corns and callouses cause foot painIf you suffer from corns and calluses, helpful treatment is available from an experienced Rowlett, TX, foot doctor. Casteel Foot & Ankle Center is conveniently located in Rowlett, serving the local community and the surrounding cities. Dr. Casteel and her team will ensure you receive the highest quality treatment to ensure relief of corns and calluses and restore your foot health.

What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses are a thickening of the skin in parts of the foot that absorb excessive pressure. A callus is different from a corn. A foot callus is referred to as a flattened area of thick skin. They are usually located on the soles, heels, and balls of the feet.

They can be large in size and rarely painful. Corns are smaller in size than calluses. Corns are formed on areas that calluses form such as weight bearing areas. They tend to form on the sides and between the toe areas. They can become painful if pressure is applied if the skin is inflamed. The symptoms of corns and calluses may be:

  • Redness and soreness under the skin
  • Hardened bump located on toes or foot
  • Rough, thickened, or hard skin

If corns and calluses become painful, a variety of effective treatment options are available from Dr. Casteel.

Treatment Options for Corns and Calluses

Treatment options recommended by the foot doctor will depend on the visual examination of the corns and calluses. Corns and calluses are generally treated with nonsurgical techniques with great success. In most cases, the nonsurgical options may include:

  • Changing footwear
  • Utilizing shoe supports and inserts
  • Placing padding in shoes
  • Prescription orthotics
  • OTC pain medication
  • Salycyclic Acid patch

If the condition is not improved by non-surgical methods then surgery may be recommended to remove the callus or corn. Surgery may be done to alter the bone structure beneath the callus or corn.

Call 972-301-7051 or 972-468-0966 or by contact us online to schedule an appointment with our respected local foot doctor and her team to find relief of corns and calluses. We are conveniently located in Rowlett and Royse City serving the nearby community and surrounding cities.