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Chronic Ankle Instability in Rowlett, TX

podiatrist treats chronic ankle instabilityTreatment for chronic ankle instability is available at our office in Rowlett and Royse City. Our highly skilled ankle surgeon is available to provide the highest quality treatment for chronic ankle instability and other ankle and foot disorders. Our office staff will provide a pleasant environment to serve your ankle pain needs.

Chronic Ankle Instability Symptoms

Chronic ankle instability is a condition where the ankle repeatedly turns or gives way while walking, running, or even standing. If a person has repeated ankle sprains and the ankle has not adequately healed, the ankle gives way or turns under, resulting in the instability. When a sprained ankle occurs, the ligaments are torn or stretched affecting the ability to balance.

Rehabilitation of the ankle is important to retrain the muscles within the ankle affecting balance. If the ankle muscles are not retrained and strengthened, repeated sprains will weaken the ankle even more. Ankle pain and swelling may be present with this condition. Our ankle surgeon utilizes the latest medical techniques to properly assess chronic ankle instability.

Chronic Ankle Instability Treatment

Treatment for chronic ankle instability will depend on the findings the ankle specialist determines after an examination. Non-surgical treatment for chronic ankle instability may include:

  • Physical therapy to strengthen the ankle and retrain the muscles
  • Support such as a brace may be needed to keep the ankle from turning
  • Immobility of the ankle such as a non-weight bearing cast may be prescribed.
  • Medication for swelling

Surgery may be needed if the ankle is not responsive to the non-surgical approaches. Surgical techniques include lateral ankle ligament repair, arthroscopy, or tendon repair.

Schedule an Ankle Surgeon Appointment

Call 972-301-7051 or 972-468-0966 or contact us online for an appointment with our ankle specialist for chronic ankle instability treatments. Our staff will ensure your visit is comfortable and efficient for an examination with our ankle surgeon. Our offices are conveniently located in Rowlett and Royse City to better serve you.