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Ankle Fracture Care in Rowlett, TX

orthotic brace supports broken ankleAnkle care is available for fractured ankles at Casteel Foot & Ankle Center in Rowlett, TX. Our convenient location allows our patients who have suffered an ankle injury to easily find treatment nearby. Our foot and ankle surgeon, and professional office staff, will make your visit comfortable and efficient.

Our team is highly trained in broken ankle care and ankle fracture surgery. They will diagnose and prescribe the right treatment for your foot and ankle pain disorders.

Fractured Ankle Symptoms

A broken ankle is technically known as an ankle fracture, which describes a break in one or more of the bones in your ankle. Generally, one broken bone may not prevent you from putting weight on the ankle, but the more fractures that the ankle has, the more compromised the stability of the foot. If several bones are fractured in the ankle, the longer it may take to heal.

Along with the fractured bones, the chance of damaged ligaments may be present, further compounding the time it takes to fully heal. A severely sprained ankle may feel the same as a broken ankle, which is why you should see a foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in ankle injuries.

The symptoms of a broken ankle typically are:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising around the ankle
  • Tender to the touch
  • Unable to put any weight on the ankle
  • Intense pain
  • Possible deformity from broken bones

Fracture Treatments

If an ankle fracture is shown on the X-ray, our doctor can prescribe the best treatment for the ankle injury. In some cases when the fractured bone is not out of place or a hairline fracture exists, nonsurgical treatment may be an option. Some ankle fractures may be treated with brace or a cast to stabilize and support the ankle.

If the broken ankle has bones out of place, ankle surgery may be recommended. The foot and ankle surgeon will determine the extent of the injury and make the proper recommendations. There are different types of fractures an ankle can have depending on the location of the break and the bones involved. The proper surgery to repair the ankle will be recommended.

Schedule an Appointment

Our foot and ankle surgeon is available for appointments in Rowlett or Royse City. Call 972-301-7051 or 972-468-0966 or contact us online to schedule an appointment if you think you are suffering from a broken ankle or similar ankle injury. At Casteel Foot & Ankle Center, our podiatrist offers quality care to ensure a healthy recovery.